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Gold E&D company Condor Gold (AIM:CNR) revealed on Friday the election of Aiser Sarria as general manager of its Mina La India, Nicaragua.
After ~1000BE ceramic provenience analysis demonstrates that pottery produced on Tumieo Island--or possibly nearby on the adjacent Aitape mainland--was transported at least as far eastwards as Tarawai Island, where both Aiser and Wain sherds have been recovered (Golitko 2011; Terrell 2011).
The situation is very different for an organization like aiser Foundation Health Plan and other tightly constructed health maintenance organizations that integrate the delivery and financing of health care by working with an exclusive network of providers.
aiser has been doing research on safety and efficacy for decades, Lawrence said, but his work with the Institute of Medicine "brought it up to the front burner and gave it a higher level of visibility."
About 1,800 doctors currently are using prototypes for the system, and within three years all 10,000 aiser Permanente doctors and some of the other 90,000 of the company's health-care employees will be using it.
At the end of March, union officials participated in a gathering of aiser Permanente staff from throughout the country to catalogue current patient-safety efforts in the local operations and to develop a master plan for coordinating those efforts nationally.
The flooding in Indus River in Dera Ismail Khan and its Tehsil Perwa has increased the water flow and so far Four villages Johk Ladho, Johk Katwali, Johk Tahir, Johk Aiser and Johk Traili have come under flood.
The sequence excavated at NGRP 46 spans the last 2000 years, and Terrell and Schechter propose a four stage sequence for the ceramics excavated from there: Nyapin ware (~2000-1500 calBP), Sumalo ware (~1400-1200 calBP), Aiser ware (~950-450 calBP), and Wain ware (post-Aiser, pre-modern) (Terrell and Schechter, 2007: 63-67).
The obsidian specimens from the remainder of the Aitape-area sites (NGRP 24, 34, 35, and 37) were found in association with mixed assemblages of Sumalo, Aiser, and Wain ware pottery, and thus likely span the last ~1500 years of prehistory.
Though present in low frequencies in 'early' assemblages, the frequency of Pare Lin obsidian increases after ~2000 calBP, and appears to peak in frequency during the Sumalo phase, but then becomes progressively less frequent in the Aiser and Wain levels at NGRP 46.
Taking this into account, the K aiser Chiefs look a good bet at 9-2 to land the spoils.
Citize Gra fundra enship award ant, June and Owain Thomas, aisers, from Oakdale - nominated for their fundraising for Cardiac Risk in the Young.