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AISHAAircraft Integrated Structural Health Assessment
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Aisha said: "We can Skype and WhatsApp but we miss them very much and we would be the happiest people if we could see them again.
The respondent, Aisha, however, was absent in court in spite court summons issued to her.
The court also stops new admissions in Aisha Bawany college.
Last month, the Aisha Bawany Trust had closed off and sealed the college building after obtaining an order from a local court.
5 million cheque to the Aisha Bawany Trust administration.
The apex court bench comprising Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed and Justice Sajjad Ali Shah also directed the Sindh Government to pay Rs 6 million to the Aisha Bawany Trust.
In a statement, Prince Khalifa "lauded the efforts, determination and perseverance of Shaikha Aisha that have enabled her to reach advanced levels in one of the world's most prestigious military academies.
President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has received Commissioner for Political Affairs of the African Union Aisha Abdullahi.
The DPO Mohammad Sohaib Ashraf said four accused, including two women, who were close relatives of the Aisha husband, were involved in the crime.
AFTER witnessing plussize friends being called names for their body shape on nights out, Aisha Namurach decided she wanted to prove that big is beautiful.
I feel proud and I am things and the click of Student Jack Gould and Aisha Parvez had never used any coding software previous to starting their course and are now well on their way to becoming experts with their new-found skills in coding.