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AISIAmerican Iron and Steel Institute
AISIAfrican Information Society Initiative
AISIAlberta Initiative for School Improvement (Canada)
AISIAsosiasi Industri Sepeda Motor Indonesia (Indonesian: Indonesian Motorcycle Industries Association; Jakarta, Indonesia)
AISIAssault, Inflicting Serious Injury (criminal law)
AISIAmerican International Supply, Inc (Oakland, CA)
AISIAirborne Instrumentation Subsystem - Internal
AISIAirborne Instrumentation System - Internal
AISIAutomatic Integrated Survey Instrument
AISIAssociazione Industrie Software Interattivo
AISIArmy Information System Integration (US Army)
AISIAaltamira Investment Services, Inc. (Canada)
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Since AISI came into being, it has gone from the drawing board to the practical implementation of its key tenets.
Among its strengths are the high level of commitment to AISI projects by teachers, principals and, often, students and parents.
"America has received a wake-up call from health professionals to take responsibility for meeting their families' nutritional needs," noted Rich Tavoletti, director of AISI's Container Market Program and executive director of the Canned Food Alliance, in a statement.
Some engineer units are finding after they deploy that their automated integrated surveying instruments (AISIs) aren't working right because the batteries need to be replaced.
As far back as April 2000, AISI informed Exim that it was opposed to financing support by Exim or any other government's official lending institution for the following reasons:
2 AISI 4130 grade, preheat-treated to 269-321 Bhn (28-34 Rc); and D-M-E No.
Khan returns to the small screen with the drama Aisi Hai Tanhai , which aired its first episode recently on ARY Digital.
Alongside this new L handle EMKA now offer an internally mounted 1050 program door or cover stay in AISI 304, which provides a locking mechanical prop to support heavy covers, or doors subject to wind forces when open.
Abstract: The fracture behavior of compact type (CT) specimens made of two different materials, steel AISI 304 and AISI 316L was numerically analyzed in this paper.
Don't wait until you get to the field to find out if the internal batteries for your automated integrated surveying instrument (AISI) are working.
The Alberta Initiative for School Improvement (AISI) is a province-wide partnership program whose goal is to improve student learning and performance by fostering initiatives that reflect the unique needs and circumstances of each school authority.