AISOAffordable Internet Services Online, Inc. (Romoland, CA)
AISOAssociazione Italiana Studio Osteosintesi (Italian: Italian Osteosynthesis Association Study)
AISOAssociazione Italiana Studenti di Odontoiatria
AISOAutomated Information Security Officer
AISOAffordable Internet Solutions
AISOAssistant Information Systems Officer
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By clearly differentiating our company through a demonstrated commitment to the environment, like-minded customers worldwide, such as the Discovery Channel and the Organic Trade Association, are turning to AISO.
Robert Ford, Chief Executive Officer of NextPhase, noted, "We are delighted that AISO.
NASDAQ: NTAP) customer Phil Nail, chief technology officer at AISO.
Nail teamed with NetApp, Sirius Computer Solutions, and select server and infrastructure vendors to design and implement a new data center that AISO.
We needed to make changes to our IT infrastructure to reduce power consumption levels and still maintain the responsiveness and high availability that our 15,000 international clients demand," said NetApp customer Phil Nail, founder and chief technology officer of AISO.