AISPAAnglo Italian Society for the Protection of Animals (est. 1952; London, UK)
AISPAAssociazione Italiana Sessuologia e Psicologia Applicata (Italian: Italian Association of Sexology and Applied Psychology; est. 2001; Italy)
AISPAAmerican Internet Service Providers' Association
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RealPolitik: Local ISP Organization 101," led by Sue Ashdown, AISPA executive director, focuses on the different methods ISPs can use to build local and then national political power, even when organizing seems impossible or useless.
AISPA stated that the "Internet Freedom and Broadband Deployment Act of 2001" bill would do nothing more than rescind a requirement in 1996 Telecommunications Act that Bell monopolies first open their local markets to competition prior to entering into new markets outside their regions.
AISPA has spent its first year in existence doing battle with the forces trying to overwhelm, undercut and exploit independent ISPs.