AISSAutomated Information Systems Security
AISSAssociation Internationale de la Sécurité Sociale (French: International Association of Social Security; Switzerland)
AISSAustralian International School Singapore (Singapore)
AISSApple Internet Server Solution
AISSAirborne Information Systems Squadron
AISSAutomated Information Support System
AISSAutomated Inventory Support Systems (US Department of Homeland Security)
AISSAssociation Internationale Six "S"
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An application developed by Naval Sea Systems Command, the Integrated Visibility Manager (IVM), was introduced onboard ship to receipt passive tagged material via pRFID portals and interface with existing ashore (LCAV) and afloat (R-Supply) AISs. In addition to hands-off receipt processing, advanced manifests were produced denoting specific material coming from the MPC on prearranged material delivery days.
AISS fielded another successful Las Vegas show in September 2002, but concerns over price and availability of space necessitated a more workable solution.
According to one 6004th AISS unit history report, "The main difference between its (Det Two) mission and that of Det One, is that Detachment Number 2 generally works north of the bomb line." (23) By July 1952 twenty-three of Nichols's sub-detachments were "sending a steady stream of radio reports back to Nichols's headquarters from behind enemy lines." (24) By year's end this number grew to thirty-two sub-detachments as Nichols sent still more eyes into North Korea.
In many cases, the AISs of investees do change when VCIs become involved, not only with respect to performance measurement but also with respect to control and decision-making functions.
These Findings clearly indicate that computers networked both internally and externally are an important feature of today's AISs. Such technologies as electronic commerce, workflow technology, collaborative computing, client/server computing, and telecommuting included on the AICPA Technology [TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE 4 OMITTED] [TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE 5 OMITTED] Division's top 15 list often make heavy use of networked microcomputers.
Apt Index of Sexual Stress Since we were unable to locate a scale that measures sexual stress, we have developed a new measure, the Apt Index of Sexual Stress (AISS), as described below.
From a service perspective, the AISS should give the Air Force a better grasp of threat systems and how its EW suites will counter those threats, according to Rob McConkey of the AISS.
Before the Nova Republica (during the military regime), when I was Secretary for Planning at INAMPS (Social Security National Institute for Health Care), part of Hesio Cordeiro's team, I was able to draft and implement the AISs [Integrated Health Actions].
Security requirements appeared even earlier with the 1972 DoDD 5200.28 Security Requirements for Automatic Data Processing (ADP) Systems, reissued in 1988 as Security Requirements for Automated Information Systems (AISs), eventually becoming today's DoD 8500 series on Cybersecurity and the Risk Management Framework.
Daud Muradian, head of the Afghan Institute of Strategic Studies (AISS), is of the opinion that democracy has the support of "millions of Afghans" although it is threatened by external interference and internal conflict.