AITALAsociación Internacional de Transporte Aéreo Latinoamericano
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airspace, and from the time they start preparing to take a return flight home, AITAL said.
AITAL member airlines are as equally concerned about the administrative burden of undertaking these audits as the potential back taxes themselves.
AITAL will issue these statistics each month and further details and charts for this report are available on our web site, http://www.
During the first nine months of 2004, AITAL member airlines carried 50 million passengers, up 8.
Bloch, who was a past president of AITAL and a member of its Executive Committee, was killed April 26, 2004.
This award honors one of the most influential leaders in Latin American aviation history and a friend to many who saw his passion, perseverance and dedication to opening up new frontiers for Central America," said current AITAL President Juan Emilio Posada, who is CEO of Avianca.
AITAL will award the Federico Bloch Award trophy at its conference Nov.
The association has a new focus and new direction that is indicative of progress within Latin American aviation," said Alex de Gunten, Executive Director of AITAL.
We welcome AITAL and will support its critical role in advancing aviation and travel throughout the Americas.
AITAL is a non-profit organization dedicated to the general interests of the Latin American aviation industry.
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