AITALAsociación Internacional de Transporte Aéreo Latinoamericano
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(45) Of course, Rastafari ritual cannabis smokers need to drink many healthy, nonalcoholic aital beverages to counteract dry mouth.
The ai-word aital mentioned in "Start a Fyah" combines ai with vaital ("vital") in referring to a vegetarian-fruitarian diet without salt, a dietary code that most Rastafari maintain.
AITAL is similar to mDTAL algorithm except Step 3 where it will not take all of [N.sup.m] samples from mth historic subject.
Proposed informative space transfer algorithms (AITAL, MIAITAL, and MIITAL) will be compared with mDTAL based on the evaluation criteria mentioned above.
The Latin American International Air Transport Association (AITAL) puts the average fleet age for regional airlines at 14.5 years--compared to 9.6 years for U.S.
Juan Emilio Posada, chairman of the 23-carrier International Air Transport Association of Latin America Airlines (Aital) and CEO of Colombian airlines Aces, describes Latin airlines as a patient in intensive care, hanging by a thread.
Aital estimates that 18,000 direct jobs could be lost in the sector in the short term.