AITFAll In The Family
AITFArt Information Task Force
AITFAmerican International Toy Fair
AITFAvian Influenza Task Force (various locations)
AITFAzerbaijan International Travel & Tourism Fair
AITFAmmunition Initiatives Task Force
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The AITF will be the one to make preparedness and response plan in preparation for the AI, Ca?
The American government is one of the largest contributors to the AITF, with $417.
6 million the US government has planned for the AITF, approximately $288 million has been designated for the completion of the Kabul-Kandahar transmission line from Ghazni to Kandahar, including five substations.
year will participate in AITF companies and organizations from 35 countries, who will demonstrate various areas of tourism.
The development of PHO has benefitted tremendously from the excellent work of the AITF.
In August 1998, the AICPA published an AITF auditing interpretation, Responsibilities of Service Organizations and Service Auditors with Respect to Information About the Year 2000 Issue in a Service Organization's Description of Controls (AU 9324).
It is expected that contributions to the AITF will grow to more than $ 800 million, on a cumulative basis by 2015.
CPAJ: Does the AITF reach consensus positions and publish those positions in a manner similar to the Emerging Issues Task Force of the FASB?
Guy: The AITF response to each issue varies depending on the conclusions reached during discussions.
I placed the subject on the agenda of the AITF and highlighted the SEC's concern in an Audit Risk Alert.
After discussion by the AITF, the Chairman and I determine the makeup of the task force to handle the project based on the backgrounds and experiences of Board members.
Increased infrastructure financing through improved AITF operations and strengthened PPP plans and framework.