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AITUAssociation Internationale du Théâtre à l'Université
AITUAssociation of Independent Technological Universities (engineering colleges)
AITUAlliance of Independent Telephone Unions
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The owl is the family aitu, or spirit, that Peseola cannot discuss because it belongs to the old religion.
This practice is tapu because such knowledges are under the special guardianship of a god--Atua or aitu, or spirit.
In this alien culture, Stevenson sees much that echoes the dark side of Western culture, beliefs that seem to speak of a common experience of dread: 'The Polynesian varua inu or aitu o le vao is clearly the near kinsman of the Transylvanian vampire' (p.
While they focus primarily on the southern Islands in the Cooks, (Rarotonga, Aitu, Ma'uake, Mitiaro and Aitutuki) they include material from other Polynesian islands, including the New Zealand Maori.
Mythology in Samoan rituals: Faalanu, Liutofaga and Fono ma Aitu