AITUCAll India Trade Union Congress
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Agitating workers got the support from AITUC as well as other unions from automobile companies such as Hero Honda, Honda Motorcycle, RICO, Lumax etc.
The workers said they were unionized under AITUC and CITU.
We are going in for the strike primarily against price rise, retrenchment, underpayment, poverty and many of the economic policies of the government," AITUC general secretary Gurudas Dasgupta said.
Since AITUC and CITU are unions with the largest membership among much of the unorganized sector, this study concentrates on feedback from them.
L Sachdev, secretary, AITUC (All India Trade Union Congress), which was backing the strike said in the Business Standard: "The new union applied for registration to the registrar of trade unions on Friday.
HMSI suffered problems later as well and the union became affiliated to the AITUC.
It is dominated by AITUC sympathizers though not officially affiliated to it.
Braving landmines and incessant gunfire, the security forces appeared to have the Maoists on the run, but not before the rebels torched an AITUC office.
While world over, mergers and organizational consolidations of central organizations have been taking place, the CTUOs in India have been resisting fiercely such moves, though AITUC and HMS attempted their merger in vain (Shyam Sundar 2010 c).
At the Central Board of Trustees meeting, representatives of AITUC, CITU, BMS, HMS, AIUTUC and All India UTUC registered their demands in the presence of Fernandes, who is also the chairman of the Board.
In 1989, he became a convener of Trade Union Solidarity Committee (TUSC) which is a constituent of Joint Action Committee of Unions that was responsible for several solidarity actions, legal assistance to unions, and works closely with city based national trade union centers like AITUC, CITU, HMS, HMKP, Federations in Banks, Insurance, Railways, Road Transport, Teachers, and factory.
HMSI) workers' victory was unthinkable without the help and support of GurudasDasgupta (Secretary of AITUC &Rajya Sabha MP) and the Congress President Sonia Gandhi (Saini, 2006).