AITUCAll India Trade Union Congress
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Conversely, the non-Gandhian trade union federations such as AITUC, BMS, CITU, and HMS, formed by other political parties, remained relatively weak.
Many stalwarts from the Indian freedom movement later became the leading luminaries of the working class movement under the powerful AITUC banner.
Those employed in private sector are also participating the strike in many places," AITUC general secretary and CPI MP Gurudas Dasgupta said.
It is the unity (of the trade unions) that inspired workers to join the stir and its impact was massive," AITUC general secretary and CPI MP Gurudas Dasgupta claimed.
Macta president Vinayan and AITUC general secretary Kanam Rajendran said the labour issues included wage hike for technicians in the film industry.
The meeting was attended by representatives of major Central Trade Unions including BMS, INTUC, AITUC, HMS, CITU, AIUTUC, TUCC, AICCTU, LPF, UTUC and NFITU as well as Secretary, Labour and Employment Mrs.
The AITUC formed in 1920, owes with immediate origin to the ILO.
AITUC leader and MP Gurudas Dasgupta were at the vanguard of the unionisation drive, exploiting the escalating war of words between the workforce and the management.
The reports quoted AITUC Gurgaon District Secretary Harjeet Grover, who is also the General Secretary of HMSI Employees Union was quoted as saying "If the issues are not resolved immediately, then a similar strike can happen in other factories in the Gurgaon-Manesar industrial belt.
States' Minister of Labour from Delhi and Haryana, Labour Commissioner Uttar Pradesh, representatives of Workers' Organisations (BMS, INTUC, AITUC, HMS, CITU, AIUTUC, TUCC, AICCTU, NFITU, LPF and UTUC) and representatives of Employers' Organisations (FICCI, CII, LUB, ASSOCHAM and CIE) participated in he meeting.
Jharkhand Asangathit Majdoor Union (JAMU hereafter) affiliated with AITUC looks active among contract workers.