AIUIAs I Understand It
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Colony size reduction and increase of embryo yield when using the L rat strain for bioengineering projects can be achieved through methods other than the AIUI technique, such as superovulation or estrous cycle synchronization.
* rs4986938, or AIuI, a 1730G[right arrow]A transition in the nontranslated region downstream of exon 9, using the forward and reverse primers 5'-TCGTCCTTGC CCTTGAGCCTAAAT-3' and 5'-ACGCTGCATTC AAATGTGCCCT-3' and the FAM-ACGCTTCA GCCTGTGA-TAMRA and VIC-CACGCTTCAGCT TGTGA-TAMRA probes.
The ten Iban stories (ensera) focus on the "comic hero", fool, or trickster figure, Apai Aiui, about whom Sather has previously written a most valuable commentary and analysis.