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AIUSAustralian Institute of Urban Studies (est. 1967)
AIUSAmerican Internet User Survey (Cyber Dialogue)
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The department informed that a Special Task Force jointly headed by Subhrajyoti Bhattacharjee, Additional Director & Nodal Officer and Mrinal Das, Joint Director heading AIUs has also been constituted on 22nd April to investigate thousands of suspicious high-value cash deposits and withdrawals in 68 banks operating in North East.
For Aeminium, the only potentially useful piece of data is an inscription in honour of M(anius) Antistius Agrippinus of the Quirina tribe, placed by G(aius) Flavius Baeticus, who was his heir.
"Supporting our local communities is part of our culture at AIUS," said Cedric Barthelemy, head of the Mid-Atlantic region for AIUS.
The prose dedication reads: C(aius) Longinius Priscus pater | trierarc(hus) cl(assis) pr(aetoriae) Mis(enensis) et | Licinia Procilla mater | filio dulcissimo.
(Ed.), pp 11-14, ISBN 973-700-028-5, Romania, October 2004, AIUS, Constanta
31.1-2): g y bn hn Imbsm g y bn bnm m qr <ytn> t mdm wt hm q m ygn wt hmhz rbd lmbmlktm btm, "Gaius son of Hanno <donated> the columns and roofed the structure and paved the market place at his own expense in the name of Gaius, the son of his son Macer." The corresponding Latin portion of the bilingual reads: C(aius) Annonis f(ilius) nomine [C(ai)] Annonis f(ilii) n(epotis) sui columnas cure superficie et forum d(e) s(ua) p(ecunia) d(edit).
Newspapers were seen in the AIUS study as providing three main categories of information to their readers: news, advertising and "special interest" information.
The proposal is to institute similar units (or specified investigators), in the United States and Canada, which are formally granted the authority to utilize restricted investigational drugs on a compassionate use basis.23 The regulatory authorities would be notified about such use, and would be able to monitor these Authorized Investigational Units (AIUs) and provide retrospective control, but their prior approval for individual use would not be needed.
Air Intelligence Units (AIUs) of the wing are also active in all major airports.
To stop drug smuggling using vulnerable seaports and airports across the country, PDEA established three Airport Interdiction Units (AIUs), three International Airport Interagency Drug Interdiction Task Groups (IADITGs) and 12 Seaport Interdiction Units (SIUs) in its regional offices in 2018.
Domnie si guvernare: Organizarea si functionarea institutiei guvernului Romaniei (1866-1940), Craiova: Aius Publishing House.