AIUSAAmnesty International USA
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AIUSA continued to point out that police misconduct and excessive force are neither isolated nor new problems.
21) AIUSA has successfully intervened in cases involving electroshock stun belts in New York City and in Los Angeles, restraints used on pregnant women inmate in Illinois, and sexual contact between guards and prisoners in Virginia and Washington, among others.
AIUSA has headquarters in New York City, with six other offices in the U.
Rights for All, AIUSA Campaign Newsletter 1 (New York, 1998).
In the first eight hours of the launch of the "700 Women" Web site, AIUSA garnered more than 10,000 petition signers.
After implementing Kintera technology, the AIUSA Action Center now offers supporters online sign up for updates and action alerts, posters and flyers for download, and the ability to submit personal stories about experiences with domestic violence.
Kintera's online technology allowed us to easily create customized campaign Web sites for advocacy efforts and manage the user experience," said Kevin Reid, director of Internet communications for AIUSA.
In addition, AIUSA used Kintera's Friends Asking Friends online community-building program to organize in-person lobbying visits to members of Congress for its "Denounce Torture" initiative.
Inspired by actor, Gabriel Byrne, a dedicated supporter of Amnesty International, and with the commitment and generosity of Yoko Ono Lennon, AIUSA developed the moving music video featuring children from around the world singing the John Lennon classic, Imagine.
The screening event will include remarks by Geoffrey Rush, AIUSA Executive Director William F.
This film portrays an inspiring story of courage, freedom and resistance to a government policy that remained in force until 1970 and resulted in tens of thousands of children being taken from their homes, destroying families and decimating Aboriginal culture," said AIUSA Executive Director William F.