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AIVAvian Influenza Virus
AIVAluminum-Intensive Vehicle
AIVAggregate Impact Value (engineering)
AIVAnnée Internationale des Volontaires (French)
AIVAssociazione Italiana del Vuoto (Italian Vacuum Association)
AIVAdministrator Intervention against Vandalism (Wikimedia Foundation editing policy)
AIVAlternative Inter VLC
AIVApproches Interdisciplinaires du Vivant (French: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Life)
AIVArmored Infantry Vehicle
AIVAcoustic Induced Vibration
AIVAviation Impact Variable
AIVAlternative Investment Vehicle
AIVAssociation de l'Ingénierie du Vent (French: Association of Wind Engineering)
AIVAvionics Integrated Verification
AIVArchitecten-en Ingenieursbureau Vanacker (Dutch: Architects and Engineers Vanacker; Belgium)
AIVAccelerated Inverse Voltage
AIVAccumulated Investment Value
AIVAssociazione Italiana di Vulcanologia (Italian Association of Volcanology)
AIVApplication Industrielle du Vide (French: Industrial Vacuum Application)
AIVAfrique in Visu (photography)
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The quantity of AIV viral RNA segment 7 (matrix gene) was determined by quantitative realtime reverse transcription PCR (qRT-PCR) (15) and the infectious virus dose was determined by titration in MDCK cells, which are not as sensitive for AIV as the embryonated chicken eggs and might underestimate the rate of positivity.
In 2013, circulation of AIV H9N2 in live bird markets of Lahore, Pakistan was reported by Sarwar et al.
The control efforts directed against low pathogenic AIV (H9N2) in poultry is not much successful to implement eradication programme, together with the use of vaccines and depopulation of sick birds.
Overall, the present results suggest that AIV nucleic acid exist in aerosol and other environmental samples from LPMs of Guangxi.
While many studies examine how AIV predicts future market returns, few have investigated the asset pricing implications of the covariance of IDVOL for the cross-section of returns of individual stocks.
Studies to reproduce the preening-mediated AIV infection mechanism in the animal model are in progress.
In order to address this question, the antibody levels to inactivated H5N2 AIV vaccine were examined in three chicken groups with different Mx alleles which conferred differential antiviral activities to AIV.
In four hearts, the AIV terminated as three to four branches near the incisura on the acute margin.
Several studies have shown that apo AIV can be found as the free form or associated mainly with HDL, but also with TRLs (3,14-21).
Strains of HPAIV (H5N8) have been involved in multiple independent reassortment events with other AIV subtypes found in wild birds in China, South Korea, the United States, and recently in Russia (5,9).
H9N2 is a low pathogenic subtype of AIV that was described for the first time in a layer farm at Tehran in 1998 (Vasfi and Bozorgmehrifard, 1999).
The phylogenetic studies on these H9N2 AIV isolates obtained from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Iran indicate a close relationship amongst them and suggest their common origin.