AIVDAlgemene Inlichtingen- en Veiligheidsdienst
AIVDAsociacia Institucii Vzdelavania Dospelych (Slovak: Association of Institutions of Adult Education; Bratislava, Slovakia)
AIVDApparent Initial Volume of Distribution
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Variaveis % N % resposta Grupo Etario 99,7 60-69 anos 115 36,5 70-79 anos 106 33,7 [greater than or equal to] 80 anos 94 29,8 Sexo 100,0 Masculino 143 45,3 Feminino 173 54,7 Hospitalizacao 99,4 Sim 237 75,5 Nao 77 24,5 Capacidade funcional 97,2 Independente 130 42,3 Dependente ABVD 51 16,6 Dependente AIVD 126 41,1 Auto percepcao de saude 95,9 Positiva 127 41,9 Negativa 176 58,1 Fragilidade 90,5 Fragil 68 23,8 Nao fragil 218 76,2 ABVD, Atividades Basicas da Vida Diaria; AIVD, Atividades Instrumentais da Vida Diaria.
Os resultados da Regressao de Poisson revelaram associadas a perda auditiva as seguintes variaveis: viver sozinho, AIVD, deficiencia visual, doencas osteomusculares, labirintite, mal de Parkinson, dificuldades de compreensao e comunicacao.
Moderada: personas con necesidad de ayuda siempre o la mayoria de las veces para banarse, realizar dos ABVD, tres AIVD o para efectuar una AIVD y
It resonates ironically with the AIVD's stated intention for commissioning the artwork in the first place: 'to provide the AIVD with a human face'.
El Cuestionario de Actividad Funcional (Functional Activities Questionnaire; FAQ; Pfeffer, Kurosaki, Harrah, Chance y Filos, 1982) es un cuestionario que valora las AIVD que se suponen afectadas en las fases iniciales del deterioro cognitivo.
In "Authority to Remove," her 2009-10 exhibition at Tate Modern in London, Magid charted her long involvement with the Dutch secret service, or AIVD (Algemene Inlichtingen--en Veiligheidsdienst), which culminated in a novel based on years of interviews with intelligence agents.
The arrests followed on an AIVD message, which reported that a number of Somalis wanted to commit a terrorist attack in the Netherlands on December 24 or 25," it said.
Las AIVD son tareas mas complejas, no incluyen ABVD y se diferencian del trabajo, el ocio y las actividades sociales (Tong y Man, 2002).
A Dutch AIVD Secret Service ultra-secret operation underway in Iran in rece= nt years has been halted and an agent recalled in view of =93impending US p= lans to attack Iran,=94 within weeks, writes Joost de Haas, known for his g= ood intelligence contacts, in the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf.