AIVFAssociation of Independent Video and Filmmakers
AIVFAssociation des Ingénieurs des Villes de France (French: Engineers Association of the Cities of France)
AIVFAlmost Instantaneous Variable-to-Fixed Length (coding scheme)
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Independent Media Publications (IMP; Sharon, MA), a new company that has applied for tax-exempt status as a non-profit organization, has been formed to re-launch the print publication, archives and online resources of the "Independent Film & Video Monthly." The magazine was published by the non-profit Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers (AIVF; New York) from 1978 through July 2006.
Analytical recovery was calculated as the ratio (as a percentage) between the measured and calculated Lp B: AIVf concentration.
As shown in Table 5, the Lp B:AIVf concentration in normolipidemic samples (43 [+ or -] 12 mg/L) was statistically different from the Lp B: AIVf concentrations in hypercholesterolemic (53 [+ or -] 13 mg/L; P <0.001) and mixed hyperlipidemic (70 [+ or -] 18 mg/L; P <0.001) plasmas.