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AIWAlice in Wonderland
AIWAll-In-Wonder (ATI video cards)
AIWAll in Wonder
AIWAPPN Implementers' Workshop
AIWArt Institute of Washington (Arlington, VA)
AIWAdventures in Wine (California)
AIWAllied Industrial Workers (labor union)
AIWArts of the Islamic World (Queens College; New York, NY)
AIWAccelerated Improvement Workshop
AIWIraqi Airways (ICAO code)
AIWAs It Were/Was
AIWAlpha in the Workplace (Christian course)
AIWAngers International Welcome (France)
AIWAmerican Indian Wars
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FAST AIW offers business users all of the tools needed to unearth new levels of associated information in order to make better decisions," says Davor Sutija, VP of strategic market development for AIW at FAST.
Metricheskaia Knigas of Tampere and Hameenlinna ROC parishes, 1918, NARC; the list of sick, wounded, and dead, in "Tampereen punakaart" Ed 2-3, in file 219b, AIW, NARC; the list of Russian POWs 15.
FAST claims AIW fundamentally redefines business intelligence with a shift away from the traditional data warehouse.
Singapore Data Communications Equipment Market, INDUSTRY SECTOR ANALYSIS, June 15, 1999, available in LEXIS, News Library, AIW File; see The State of Asia's Telecom Health, supra note 4, at 97.
23, 1997, available in LEXIS, World File, AIW Library.
All major operating systems now support execution of Java programs, including Windows 95, NT, and CE, Solaris, HPUX, IRIX, AIW, and MacOS.
With the vertically stratified major water masses of the Arctic basin, acoustic modes can selectively sample specific water masses, such as the AIW (Mikhalevsky et al.
M2 EQUITYBITES-26 February 2010-Southwire completes acquisition of AIW assets(C)2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
In the Mediterranean, such segregation has been attributed mostly to a food-resource optimization strategy since temperature remains constant around 13[degrees]C along the slope (Sarda & Cartes, 1993), whereas, in Brazil, water temperature could play a more significant role: the distribution of smaller-sized individuals (males and juveniles) in the colder areas dominated by AIW could partially compensate the higher expected size-specific metabolic demand.
While Suleman was not on the talk show to answer back - she phoned in early to discuss why she fired the AIW nannies - her attorney Jeff Czech denied all the allegations.
You might say that AIW is in the process of stabilizing the fort - from the inside out.