AIWCAll India Women's Conference
AIWCAlberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation (est. 1993; Canada)
AIWCAmerican International Women's Club (est. 1958; Geneva, Switzerland)
AIWCAmerican Insulated Wire Corporation (Mansfield, MA)
AIWCAustralian Institute of Weight Control
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The ultimate goal was to have a new law (Renuka Ray, AIWC Files no.
For instance, Hajra Begum, a leading member of the AIWC blamed the Muslim League for fomenting communalism by insisting that Muslim women leave the AIWC.
The AIWC also urged the removal of customary law of the Muslims, particularly in the North -West province, which had denied Muslim women of their Islamic rights related to inheritance and urged for the implementation of the Shariat law, Commenting on a debate in the Central Legislative Assembly on women's legal disabilities in 1940, Hajra Begum asked,
Legal Disabilities of Indian Women, Renuka Ray, reprint from MR (November 1934); 'women's Movement in India', Manchester Guradian, (August 15, 1935) AIWC Files no.
Their demand for a separate electorate was strongly opposed by the AIWC (All India Women Conference) and Women India Association, who pressed for joint electorates for women.
Begum Iftikharuddin, a Congress member, held the office of President of the provincial branch of the AIWC.
However, the WIA and AIWC drew from a largely upper-class membership.
With the pair was Sarojini Naidu, who represented the WIA, NCWI, and AIWC.
Although the AIWC, the largest of the all-India women's organizations, would retain its constitutional abstinence from politics for more than a decade, the liberal agenda of social reform legislations for women allied the women's movement with the establishment of a modem nation-state in India.
Muthulakshmi Reddy (New Delhi: AIWC Publishers, 1987).
The AIWC, however, retained the directive against political involvement in its constitution for several years more.
On this point, see the presidential address at the 1937 annual conference of the AIWC, cited in Bulletin of the Indian Women's Movement, no.