AIWPAssociation for the Integration of the Whole Person (Long Beach, CA)
AIWPAntifaschistische Initiative Weinrotes Prenzlauer Berg (German antifashist organization, Berlin)
AIWPAssociation of Independent Web Publishers
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The mission of AIWP is to reset the shelves of the world's wine marketplace by advancing the culture of premium wine through innovative and consumer-friendly packaging," Poulos said.
AIWP plans presentations at industry conferences, a communications program, trade and consumer tastings along with quarterly meetings and a wine packaging competition.
Trial builds acceptance, and then convenience drives demand," said AIWP Director Joel Quigley.
There is simply nothing like interactive, personal experience to create knowledge and demand when it comes to wine in new packaging," said Paige Poulos, president of Paige Poulos Communications and founder of AIWP.