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noor And by praying a few times you [are actually] asking for the houris [of heaven] Asin Rab naal thagi nahion kardai bhayee sadhi aiy pareet vakhri Mullan teri nahi masiti asin varday sadhi masit vakhri (Shama-e-Ishq, p.
Pursuant to the agreement, it is proposed that BDM will subscribe for and AIY will issue and allot 30m fully paid ordinary shares in AIY (AIY shares) to BDM (placement), in consideration for a parcel of shares in BDM equal to 10% of the issued share capital in BDM.
AIY said the new partnership with Box Digital Media will allow greater focus and expansion capabilities of the company's graphic designers and publishers working with programmers, data analysts, coders and client service executives across a greater network.
The kit follows Google's recent AIY Voice Kit for DIY voice recognition, and provides means for your project to include image recognition without the need for a connection to the cloud.
His popularity stakes shot through the roof after he made a foray into Bollywood with Aiy, and he will soon be seen in Yash Raj's Aurangzeb and alongside Shah Rukh Khan in Farah Khan's Happy New Year, expected to be shot in the UAE.
* TV dramas/Plays: Jinhe raste mei khabar hoi, Chunri, Lahore junction, Wo suba kab aiy ge , Kahe ko biyahe bidais, Kollege k hain apne rang, Ye kaisi mohabat ha, Rasta Day Zindagi, Mere naseeb ki barishain, Ghumshuda, Kalmohi, kaghhaz ki nao, judai mar daiti ha, Perfume chowk, Mei khabar hoi, Yaarian, Maasi aur malka, tumaiy kch yad ha janaa, Haal-e- dil and Chand parosa; Hawa, rait aur angan, , Noor bano, Thori si wafa chahiyay, Tanveer Fatima B.A, Maasi aur Malka, Shehar-e- dil k darwaze, Chunri, Kalmohi, Kaghaz ki nao, Haal-e- dil; Yeh kaisi mohabat ha, Anokha bandhan, Judai maar daiti ha, Kaghaz ki nao, Aas, Kalmohi, Maasi aur malka, swift, Kahe ko biyahe bidais, Lahore junction, Mere naseeb ki barishain, Kalmohi, hawa, rait aur angan, Chunri, Zenat Binte skina hazir ho,
Together, these analyses reveal that the modulation of coral physiology by flow can be more variable than predicted by mass-transfer principles alone (Patterson, 1992; Finelli et aiy 2006), with the outcome depending, in part, on flow speed, temperature, and position on the colony.
Wa aiy istifta' ghalab ala alintikhabat fi dawa'ir alaghlabiyat alshi'iyah?"(For what reasons was the competition absent?
I became a woman, I was looking thus now and I thought thus--"Aiy! The father died, and before he died he told Ulqwa (Ulaqayi's elder brother) thus: "You find a woman for your little one (second-born younger brother)!" He told him thus but Ulqwa didn't hear his talk.
The Scandinavian nations serve light, aiy dumplings, similar to matzoh balls, in clear broth.
The chemosensory AWA, AWB, and AWC neurons and the thermosensory AFD neurons all show strong connections to the AIY and AIZ interneurons, representing an anatomical convergence betw een olfactory and thermosensory pathways (2, 4).