AIZArbeiter-Illustrierte-Zeitung (German: Workers Pictorial Newspaper; est. 1924; publication; Germany and Prague)
AIZAssociazione Italiana Zincatura (Italian: Italian Galvanizing Association; Italy)
AIZAllgemeine Immobilien Zeitung (German: General Real Estate Newspaper)
AIZLake of the Ozarks, Missouri (Lee C. Fine Memorial Airport)
AIZAir Intercept Zone
AIZAnti Imperialistische Zelle(n) (German: Anti-Imperialistic Cell; now defunct terrorist group)
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Shares of AIZ have seen a series of highs over the last few weeks.
The communication between teachers and learners, as well as self-directed learning has an important role in the training concept of AIZ and must be reflected in the architecture and space.
Shanghai ACSP, the main part of Shanghai Jiading AIZ, encourages investment in auto parts and automobile-related industries.
Tickers featured: ACE, AIZ, ALL, BAC, C, CMCSA, COF, DELL, HPQ, IBM, OCR, PPDI, SWY.
Fitch's actions today do not affect other ratings of AIZ, which were affirmed on July 1 with a Stable Outlook.
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Based on diversified product and distribution platform and technology focus, AIZ has delivered solid operating earnings over the last five years.
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Yet, consistent with the industry, AIZ has not been immune to the credit crisis with respect to residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS).
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Tickers featured: AFL, AIZ, AMP, GNW, HIG, LNC, MET, NFP, PFG, PRU, UNM.