AJACSApplying Java to Automotive Control Systems
AJACSAdvanced Joint Air Combat System (US DoD)
AJACSApache Junction Area Caching Society
AJACSAmerican Japanese Association of College Students
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Following the program's broadcast the UK Foreign Office suspended funding to the FSP through the AJACS program, and ended it completely in August.
Following the programme in December, the Foreign Office suspended access to the Ajacs scheme , which has been running since late 2014, following the concerns raised about its management by the British contractor, Adam Smith International.
This project was originally designated AMC-X, then Ajacs (Advanced Joint Air Combat System).
Ajacs in turn paralleled a US Army study of a new tactical rotary-wing transport, designated JHL (Joint Heavy Lift).
The Ajacs was expected to have a soft field undercarriage, a stall speed below 167 km/hr and a cruise speed of over 850 km/hr.
The US Air Force regards the eventual Hercules replacement, the strangely named Advanced Joint Air Combat System (Ajacs, formerly AMC-X) as its principal future intra-theatre transport, with initial operational capability scheduled for 2022.
Current Ajacs planning calls for the ability to take-off and land in 460 to 610 metres with a 30,000 kg payload, and an undercarriage suited to soft field operation.