AJALAustralian Journal of Asian Law (Australia)
AJALAustralian Journal of Adult Learning (Adult Learning Australia)
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The first paper in this edition of AJAL by John Andrew O'Rourke, Bronwyn Relf, Nicole Crawford and Sue Sharp is titled 'Are we all on course?
Eesmargiks on anda ulevaade peamistest puugikaladest ja tahtsamatest kaubaartiklitest ehk milliseid kalu sel ajal hinnati ja eelistati ning kuidas neid toiduks tarvitati.
Thorichthys panchovillai, A) Ejemplar no tipo, CIFI510, 36.22 mm SL, macho juvenil capturado en el Poblado 14, Rio Uxpanapa, Veracruz; B) Paratipo, CPUM 9588, 41.12 mm SL, macho juvenil capturado en el Rio Almoloya, El Ajal; C) Paratipo, CPUM 9588, 38.99 mm SL, hembra capturada en Rio Almoloya, El Ajal (fotografias in situ).
Ajal Khan and Ali Muhammad Jan Orakzai visited Isamia Girls College and its proposed sites for Academic Block and Girls Hostel.
In the village of Mafraq where the documentary has been filmed, a distraught Muslih Ajal Massaeed, wool distributor, raises his hands in prayer: "It is difficult to go on with the business.
Thus the text begins with tawhid, moves on to 'adl, then weld (the threat of punishment), and ends with very short sections on life-span (ajal), sustenance (azraq), and God's decree and determination (al-qada' wa-l-qadar); as the copyist notes, this last section seems misplaced and would have fit better in the section on human actions (khaki al-af'al).
Koiki dateeringuid arvesse vottes jareldub, et Kilesino oli viimase Skandinaavia jaatumise ajal jaavaba ajavahemikul 72 200-33 800 kalendriaastat tagasi ja aleuriidi-liivakihtidega settekompleks transporditi uuringualale hiljem kui 33 800 kalendriaastat tagasi, lahtudes aga varasematest toodest toenaoliselt liustiku maksimumlevikul ajavahemikul umbes 19 100-18 000 aastat tagasi.
There have been different synonyms such as death, intelligence, Kaam, Ajal, and Ommol Aldahym and Rooze Yaghiin.
Der Aufsatz von Urmas Sutrop ist mit "Liivlaste Metsepole maakonna ulatusest pohja suunas muistse iseseisvuse ajal" uberschrieben und behandelt die Ausdehnung des vorgeschichtlichen Siedlungsgebiets der Liven.
Maamootjad Laanemere provintsides suure reduktsiooni ajal [Land Surveyors in Baltic Provinces during the Great Reduction].
Shaikha Hessa, who is also a member of the Union of Arab Football Associations, presented additional prizes to the tournament's top figures in the presence of Ajal Establishment's chief executive officer Yousef Dawood and other officials.
Estos Senores son los que, junto a Ajal Puj y Ajal Q'ana, Ch'amiya Baq y Ch'amiya Jolom, Ajal Mes y Ajal Toq'ob, Xik y Patan someten a (Popol Wuj, op.cit.