AJALAustralian Journal of Asian Law (Australia)
AJALAustralian Journal of Adult Learning (Adult Learning Australia)
AJALAssociation of Jamaica Attractions Limited
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Enabling programs that develop pathways into university study for students who might not otherwise take up higher education have become widely adopted by universities across Australia, and a number have been discussed in AJAL.
Finally, please note the Call for Papers for a Special Issue of AJAL in November 2017 on the Getting of Wisdom--Learning in Later Life, and the three Conferences scheduled for later in February 2017 on this topic.
Her support for AJAL has been strong and unflinching.
Research on tertiary enabling programs have been a feature of AJAL in recent years as higher education policy has encouraged universities to broaden their student intakes.
From the next issue AJAL will have a new Book Review Editor, and I'm very pleased to welcome Dr Tracey Ollis to the position.
Finally, a reminder that the November 2014 AJAL will be a Special Issue on Adult Education and Lifelong Learning in the Asian Century.
This November issue of AJAL arrives exactly 100 years after the WEA (Workers Educational Association) was born in Sydney's Trades Hall building on 3 November 1913.
Their work goes unnoticed as they provide 'blind reviewing' but without it Journals like AJAL could not exist.
In particular AJAL can make an important contribution to the development and analysis of adult education and learning practices, as well as critical analysis of policy.
This special edition of AJAL celebrates fifty years of publishing many varied and diverse papers on adult education and continues to support our learning as adult educators.