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1 List of Tables Table 1: AJCC TNM Classification System for Pancreatic Cancer 22 Table 2: AJCC TNM Staging System for Pancreatic Cancer 23 Table 3: Common Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms 25 Table 4: Risk Factors for Pancreatic Cancer 26 Table 5: 6MM, Sources of Pancreatic Cancer Incidence Data 36 Table 6: 6MM, Incident Cases of Pancreatic Cancer, Ages?
However, the AJCC traditionally has not incorporated responses to treatment in staging, so it does not recommend inclusion of CA125 in the current TNM staging system for ovarian cancer (28).
Another enhancement is the presence of eLetters on the AJCC Web site (www.
Prostate cancer staging: recommendations for modifying the 2002 AJCC pathology staging system based on accuracy in reflecting prognosis.
This classification had better discrimination than the current AJCC staging system.
In an expanded partnership with Springer-Verlag, an internationally renowned scientific publisher and Bertelsmann division, Skyscape has made the AJCC Cancer Staging Handbook, Sixth Edition, prepared by the American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC), available to medical professionals on their PDAs.
The summary of changes in the TNM staging classification in the 7th edition of the AJCC Cancer Staging Manual1 is as follows:
For multiple myeloma, the Durie-Salmon staging system is recommended by the AJCC.
The researchers concluded that the results suggest that the previously reported statistically significant survival benefit of combination treatment with Ceplene/IL-2 for patients with advanced metastatic melanoma with liver metastases extends to those patients with stage M1c under the new AJCC staging system.
An update in this format in December 2009 encoded the October 2009 CAP Cancer Protocols and Checklists and incorporated the AJCC 7th edition staging criteria.
Medical Director and Surgeon-in-Chief of the JWCI, presented a poster entitled "Active Specific Immunotherapy with a Polyvalent Cancer Vaccine Prolongs Survival in AJCC Stage IV Melanoma," which summarized retrospective analyses of data collected during Phase 2 clinical trials of Canvaxin(TM) conducted at JWCI.