AJCDAustralian Journal of Career Development
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Change continues, but the soul of the journal remains the same: 'The AJCD will provide an avenue for promoting career counselling as a profession, while allowing practitioners, academics and interested parties to share ideas and concerns' (Ware, p.
Solid, positive operating margins are typical for AJCD, averaging 3.
As do most community colleges, AJCD offers open enrollment.
To provide a global context for this special issue of the AJCD, internationally regarded scholars were invited to contribute their perspectives on social inclusion and career development from their region of the world: Arulmani for India, Diemer and Ortega for the United States of America, Sultana for Europe, Watson for South Africa and Watts for the United Kingdom.
The AJCD is the only scholarly journal specialising in career development in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, and stands ready to showcase the excellent work occurring in the field.
The article published in the AJCD in 2006, which I co-authored with Wendy Patton, was based on findings from my PhD research.
The AJCD is privileged to be able to report these events and to make them available to a wide audience.
To all new readers of this edition, welcome to the AJCD.
The symposium brought together international colleagues from around the world for what proved to be very productive discussions resulting in individual country action plans and a collaboratively developed communique, published in this edition of the AJCD.
Wendy is a past editor of the AJCD and is well known internationally for her work in career development theory.