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AJDAide aux Jeunes Diabetiques (French: Assistance for Child Diabetics; Paris, France)
AJDAlliance for Justice and Democracy (Mauritania)
AJDAssociation des Journalistes de Défense (French journalist association)
AJDAmis de Jeudi Dimanche (French charitable foundation)
AJDAmerican Journal of Dentistry
AJDAujeszky's Disease (swine disease)
AJDAssociation des Jeunes Dynamiques (French: Dynamic Youth Association)
AJDArmy Junior Division (UK military Service Junior division)
AJDAlignment Job Design
AJDAtelier Jeunes Débats (French: Youth Debate Workshop)
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access to the data before others outside the AJD research consortium.
on starting salaries in the AJD Study, it is evident this credential
Hat Brands' other lines, including AJD, Dobbs, Adams, and Miller Bros.
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The regressions in Part VII include lawyers of all races in the AJD sample for several good reasons.
A sporty diesel is often thought to be a contradiction in terms, but is exactly what the new state-of-the-art AJD V6 engine is.
Waste wood is supplied by AJD Forest Products of Grayling.