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AJDAlberto Jauregui Designs, Inc. (Texas)
AJDApproved Jurisdictional Determination (US Army Corps of Engineers)
AJDAcyclic Join Dependency
AJDAide aux Jeunes Diabetiques (French: Assistance for Child Diabetics; Paris, France)
AJDAlliance for Justice and Democracy (Mauritania)
AJDAssociation des Journalistes de Défense (French journalist association)
AJDAmis de Jeudi Dimanche (French charitable foundation)
AJDAll Japan Drug
AJDAmerican Journal of Dentistry
AJDAujeszky's Disease (swine disease)
AJDAssociation des Jeunes Dynamiques (French: Dynamic Youth Association)
AJDArmy Junior Division (UK military Service Junior division)
AJDAtelier Jeunes Débats (French: Youth Debate Workshop)
AJDAlignment Job Design
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NATO's doctrine is aligned within the AJD Architecture (AJDA).
Coelho COA, Ferreira AJD, Baake M, Keizer JJ (2002) Impacts of prescribed shrubland fire and forest wildfire on overland flow and soil erosion generating processes.
access to the data before others outside the AJD research consortium.
Registered Pure Bred Dartmoor, Exmoor, Shetlands, Welsh Section A: 1, Miss S Dowdeswell, Raphael; 2, Mr and Mrs AJD Brown, Bracken; 3, Mrs VA Rudd, keens Maestro; 4, Mrs P Gill, Thorncliffe Trudy
Doerr SH, Ferreira AJD, Walsh RPD, Shakesby RA, Leighton-Boyce G, Coelho COA (2003) Soil water repellency as a potential parameter in rainfall-runoff modelling: experimental evidence at point to catchment scales from Portugal.
The regressions in Part VII include lawyers of all races in the AJD sample for several good reasons.
Dabbiere was founder of Manhattan Associates (NASDAQ:MANH), a supply chain execution software company, and served as President and CEO from 1990 through 1999, and Chairman of the Board from 2000 through 2003 and is currently President of AJD, LLC.
This must surely be down to good management AJD, Stanley.
IF corporal punishment is as effective a deterrent as correspondent AJD Coxton suggests, then why did he behave badly enough at school to be caned not once, but four times?
Carvalho TMM, Coelho COA, Laouina A, Hamza A, Ferreira AJD (1999) The perception of degradation processes in Western Mediterranean.
Tanella, President of Safe Harbor Capital, LLC and AJD Capital, LLC; William Johnson, Ph.