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AJEEAustralasian Journal of Engineering Education (est. 1991; Australasian Association for Engineering Education)
AJEEAsian Journal of Energy and Environment (Joint Graduate School of Energy and Environment; Bangkok, Thailand)
AJEEAbstract Journal in Earthquake Engineering
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The principle guiding this last analysis of the stories told in AJEE was actually articulated in an article published during this period and that was one of seven principles of schoollevel curriculum identified by John Fien (1991): "developing a sense of place and identity in the Australian environment." Only four articles captured this principle and explicitly addressed sense of place or identity ...
In this article, I selectively trace some of the ghosts in Australian environmental education as part of a history of the field as reflected in the AJEE over the past 30 years.
Some things change, and some remain the same--and the AJEE is still here.
I am pleased that AJEE did not follow the preferences of its first editor (and influential commentators like Linke) by over-privileging empirical-analytic and scientistic research reports.
Skimming back over the 1980s volumes of the AJEE, it becomes clear that children and young people's voices are missing.
Returning to the AJEE, both Heck (2003) and Tilbury (2004) observe that environmental education and education for sustainability are on the rise across the country, yet neither suggests how practice might reflect the natural history of a' given part of Australia.
Di Chiro's article remains a philosophical milestone, and its publication in the AJEE generated a productive line of inquiry for many researchers.
There were 67 articles identified out of 89 (excluding special sections such as Millenium Visions in the 1999/2000 edition and Stories from the Field articles) by Australian or Australian-based authors over the 11 year period covering 10 issues of AJEE. That 75 percent of articles were by Australian authors indicates that AJEE is essentially an Australian rather than international journal in terms of contributors.
As described in the preceding article in this issue, in order to investigate whether there is a unique or special place-based characteristic of Australian environmental education research, an analysis was conducted of articles published in the Australian Journal of Environmental Education (AJEE) by Australian authors, for the 11 year period from 1990-2000 (see Stevenson & Evans, this issue, for the rationale for this analysis).
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We are grateful for comments from Chris Eames on an earlier draft of this paper, and to the two AJEE reviewers who encouraged us to clarify and augment aspects of this paper.
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