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This particular levy has been charged as part of the Ajeer programme, which intends to regulate as well as document the work being put in by foreign employees in the country, who happen to be working for the people, organisation, and entities who are not their sponsors.
"This temporary work service for Hajj season is a move that regulates and encourages work during the Hajj period through issuing temporary permits via the Ajeer portal," Khaled Abalkhail, a spokesman for the ministry, said.
Calling on both the companies operating for Hajj season as well as individuals who will benefit from this opportunity by registering with the Ajeer portal (www.ajeer.com.sa), the official said that those interested can also contact customer service as the ministry has allocated the client service telephone number 920002866, which is also available for Ajeer service-related inquiries.
The Yemenis would be given six-month renewable visas and allowed to work if they apply through the Ajeer system.
In other recent concessions, the ministry has allowed the dependents of expatriate employees to work at private schools as teachers without changing their sponsorship, but have to register with the ministry's Ajeer program.
"The fact that eligibility certificates are only issued from September to August could complicate these teachers' registration on the Ajeer" recruitment system and their visas could be halted."
"We are very thankful for the Ajeer system, which caters for expatriates," said Amena Sultana, a senior teacher.
However, teachers would have to apply for posts through the Labor Ministry's Ajeer system and get formal approval from the Education Ministry to ensure they have the required qualifications and experience.
It will be done through registration with the "Ajeer Service" of the Labor Ministry.
The Ajeer Service aims to curb the visa trade and reduce the number of workers who run away from their sponsors as well as protect their rights, those of the establishments and the individual sponsors.
Padma Hariharan, director & head of Novel International Group of Institutions, said that the notice mentioned that a sibling or family member can also sign up for a job in the same school through the Ajeer Service website.
Mindful of the intensive presence of foreign manpower in the market, he said the Ministry has launched and applied a series of measures aimed at improving market efficiency, especially recruitment of foreign workers, easy transfer of foreign workers through the application of "Ajeer" system, increase of work permit levy for foreigners to SR2,400 to rationalize recruitment and encourage national (Saudization) process, improvement of procedures and measures related to labor disputes, and signing of a series of deals with countries exporting manpower to the Kingdom to secure rights and duties of such workers.