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Rudy Abi Habib, a psychologist who works with AJEM and treats inmates at Roumieh prison.
Panelist Ziad Ashour from AJEM made a moral appeal to stop violent police practices.
AJEM estimates that at least 1,000 detainees in Roumieh were arrested either for drug use or trafficking, and are mixed with the general prison population.
Although there are insufficient and ambiguous articles within the Penal Code, we have found that bringing change from the bottom-up will lead us to a real change in the country's legal system," said Father Hadi Aya, the president of AJEM.
sacred right," said the statement released by AJEM.
Participants in the tour detailed how they visited the prison block hosting prisoners convicted on drug charges and the AJEM center for drug user rehabilitation at Roumieh, and interviewed workers at the center as well as ex-addicts.
The committee, established for the protection and the rehabilitation of the victims subjected to torture, would be administered by AJEM and members of the ISF.