AJEXAssociation of Jewish Ex-Servicemen and Women (UK)
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'We are thrilled to have our fighter jets joining the FTX phase of this year's AJEX in WESCOM's area of operations, along with our naval assets and ground troopers, because this will give us the opportunity to test our interoperability doctrine, jointness, and readiness as One Armed Forces of the Philippines,' said Wescom chief Lt.
Soon after joining AJEX, he was elected to the North East Branch Committee, before going on to become Branch Chairman and an elected representative on the National Executive Committee.
Despite differences over strategy and tactics, the Board, the 43 Group, the 62 Committee, and the AJEX all shared information on the neo-Nazis with each other, and on occasion with the police (Thayer, 1965).
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Tracey, a 19st woman who wants to lose weight so she can start a family swaps diets with young 10st Ajex, who has always been thin.
It was organised in conjunction with Sefton Council and the Southport Branch of Association of Jewish ex-servicemen and women (AJEX).
Now he has been made an honorary life member of Ajex, the Association of Jewish Ex-Servicemen and Women, as he prepares to celebrate his 103rd birthday next month.
- Foreign investment, regional co-operation and reform were on the agenda at the fourth American Jordanian Expo (AJEX 2006) held in Amman June 7 and 8.
Web services, RSS feeds, AJEX and Ruby-on Rails, are all so Web 2.0.
(2) Rick Muckler and Dean Howell, AJEX U.S.A., Inc.
Three FA 50 fighter jets arrived and landed on Antonio Bautista Air Base, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan to participate in the Armed Forces of the Philippines Joint Exercise (AJEX).
Attending yesterday's ceremony were the Dean of Durham, Rt Rev Michael Sadgrove, representatives of Ajex, the association of ex-Jewish servicemen and women, Durham County Council leader Simon Henig and Mayor Mamie Simmons.