AJHAmerican Journal of Hypertension
AJHAnna Jaques Hospital (Newburyport, MA)
AJHAssociation des Journalistes Haïtiens (Haitian Journalists' Association)
AJHAmerican Jewish Historical Society (also seen as AJHS)
AJHAssociation les Jeunes Handicapés (French: Disabled Youth Association)
AJHAnti-Jam Hopper
AJHAmerican Journal of Hygiene
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AJH Associates, however, is not ready to offer details, other than to say that it is a new business unrelated to Wachusett Fitness.
In 2006, AJH reduced expenses by 4 percent, saving more than a million dollars in supply costs simply by switching to Premier and Yankee contracts from Novation and Amerinet, their former GPO, according to Goldstein, who came from Boston Medical Center with a clear mandate to bring financial stability.
At the national level, AJH works together with civil society partners such as the Youth Against Violence Movement (Movimiento JEvenes Contra la Violencia), comprised of individuals and representatives of youth organizations such as the Junior Chamber of Commerce.
However--and this was perhaps as important as documenting where the community had been and, to some extent, where it might be heading--the editors used this special number of AJH to underscore the longstanding desire among American Jewish historians to have their work seen as valued contributions to the intellectual discourses of modern and even premodern Jewish history.
Malnick H, Englender HA, Dance DAB, Smith MD, Simpson AJH, Pitt TL.
Liverpool: The Gateway To America by John Kerrigan is published by AJH Publishing of Formby at pounds 12.
AJH Landscape's Anthony Horseman was runner-up in the match, organised by Leamington builders merchants Ballingers and staged on the 40-peg Gearys Level pool at the fishery near Meriden.
Barf HA, Verhoef M, Jennekens-Schinkel A, Post MWM, Gooskens RHJM, Prevo AJH.
Liverpool's Irish Connection, by Michael Kelly, is published by AJH Publishing and is available in all good book shops, priced pounds 9.
Each of these classics has already been reexamined in this journal: "A Reexamination of a Classic Work in American Jewish History: Marshall Sklare's Conservative Judaism, Thirty Years Later," AJH 74 (1984): 100-68; "Revisiting a Classic: Nathan Glazer's American Judaism," AJH 76 (1987): 207-84; "A Review of the work of Charles S.