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Thank you for such a great editorial in the latest AJHM that points out the importance of education in vaccination.
The original study (summarised AJHM 2014; 26(4)) was a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial in which 50 individuals aged 18-65 years with MDD were treated with curcumin (500mg twice daily) or placebo for 8 weeks.
It is hoped that by publishing these conference abstracts in this special edition of AJHM that both academics and clinicians will be able to engage with new research and advancements in this field.
The second study (summarised in the AJHM 26(3)) compared treatment for 6 weeks of curcumin alone (500mg twice daily), fluoxetine alone (20mg/day) or a combination of fluoxetine (20mg/day) plus curcumin (500mg/day) and found significant improvements in depressive symptoms for all three interventions.