AJHRAustralian Journal of Human Rights
AJHRApache Junction Horse Rescue (Arizona)
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AjHR expresses deep concern about the increase in sexual violence cases in Liberia, adding that it believes that the Judiciary and Legislature play a critical role in the fight against sexual violence here.
The primary reason for conducting a survey was to investigate the "many features of economic interest, among which may be mentioned the copper-bearing country stretching southward from the Town of Whangaroa" (AJHR, 1907, C-2, p.7).
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The incidence of serious assaults on staff has declined dramatically since 1998 (AJHR E61 2004:46) and most physical confrontations have continued to be male-on-male.
Accused, in addition, of reckless overspending and favouritism towards his own tribe, Ngata was forced to resign as Minister of Native Affairs following the publication of the commission's report (AJHR 1934 G-10: 46).
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