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AJHSAmerican Jewish Historical Society (also seen as AJH)
AJHSAndrew Jackson High School
AJHSAustralian Jewish Historical Society
AJHSApache Junction High School (Ajo, AZ)
AJHSAptakisic Junior High School (Grove, Illinois)
AJHSAndersen Junior High School (Chandler, Arizona)
AJHSAldrich Junior High School (Rhode Island)
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Schiff, supported the AJHS, but whose philanthropy was better known for its work downtown, may have been pleased with Eisenstein's identification of such key stopping points as "the Educational Alliance, Schiff's fountain and the playground for the amusement and health exercise of the rising generation.
He would later become president of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America but he was at the Smithsonian when the AJHS was founded.
Following Reimer's remarks in this issue, Rachel Lithgow, executive director of the American Jewish Historical Society, explains new electronic ventures being launched on the AJHS website.
AJHS has begun to forge significant partnerships with historical societies across the United States, including the Jewish Historical Society of Greater Washington, the Historical Society of Pennsylvania and many others, to ensure that their holdings will be included in our portal.
1) Select the articles you wish to read and review from this issue of the AJHS, one (1) CHES CECH is available per article.
AJHS I-180, Box 336, Folder "R-Miscellaneous Correspondence.
8) To some extent, their work was facilitated through a welcome byproduct of the biennial scholarly conferences the AJHS had inaugurated in 1994--an additional, society-sponsored academic forum.
And we needed forums like the AJHS where our efforts could find support and criticism.
The Finding Aid prepared by the AJHS for this important collection tells us that "Jacques Judah Lyons (1813-1877), hazan, rabbi, and community leader, was born in Surinam; his parents, Judah Eleazar and Mary Asser Lyons, had emigrated there from Philadelphia in the early 1800s.
Over the last several years, the Bienniel Scholars' Conference on American Jewish History, organized by the Academic Council of the American Jewish Historical Society (AJHS) and sponsored by the AJHS and a number of partner and host institutions, has become one of the leading forums for intense and fruitful examination of crucial historiographical issues in the study of American Jewish life and culture.
By the time of Saul Viener's death in Atlanta on July 25, 2006, he had not only become one of the major figures in the history of the AJHS, but was also considered the founding father of its daughter organization, the Southern Jewish Historical Society.