AJICAmerican Journal of Infection Control
AJICAboriginal Justice Implementation Commission (Manitoba, Canada)
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Only UV Disinfection System Proven to Reduce HAI Rates MD Anderson Cancer Center, the Central Texas Veterans Health Care System, Cooley Dickinson Health Care and other hospitals have published 13 studies providing evidence of the Xenex robot's efficacy in highly regarded scientific journals that include AJIC, Journal of Infection Prevention, Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology (ICHE) and BMC Infectious Diseases.
As the premier publication of infection control professionals, AJIC reaches physicians, nurses, epidemiologists and other health care professionals throughout the world.
Our peer reviewed article in the AJIC and more recent recognition in Geneva for Innovation Excellence marked the beginning of a series of amazing achievements for Medizone," stated Dr Michael Shannon, President and Director of Medical Affairs.
MZEI:OB)(MZEI:QB), the company behind the AJIC peer-reviewed disinfection technology AsepticSure, announced today that it hasnow completed National patent application filings of its recently Granted lead patent application (Canadian Patent No 2735739).
MZEI:OB) (MZEI:QB) announced this morning at the FIME Medical Purchasing Show in Miami, that its AJIC peer-reviewed, ICICP award-winning hospital disinfection system, AsepticSure(TM), has just demonstrated resounding effectiveness against bed bugs.