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The sea bream and rice dish (above) and the 'stone-baked' spinach ajin (right)
(3) In Bajau and Brunei worldviews, ajin is an evil spirit that attacks humans; it can also be the familiar spirit of a spirit medium or a bomoh.
In Chapter 6 Cheung nicely brings these various analytical strands to bear upon a protracted inheritance (land) dispute between Deng Amei and her aunt-in-law, Ajin. As the details of this case reveal, everyday life in the New Territories is, and has always been, constituted and contested by a range of actors, each pursuing their own projects within the socially, institutionally, and historically structured (and shifting) contexts in which they find (and imagine) themselves.
Lameh bi ajin is a popular flatbread preparation, topped with minced lamb, onions and pomegranate syrup.
The fermented dough, known as ajin, is prepared traditionally by mixing sorghum flour with water in a round earthenware container called khumara.
Possession by ajin is a legitimate possibility in the Muslim cosmology and accordingly, should not automatically be taken as an indication of psychosis (Husain, 1998).
Ajin, 38, fled his home, 15 miles from the Kosovan capital of Pristina just after the Nato bombardment began.
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According to eyewitnesses of the incident, the accused, Ajin Reji, set the girl on fire after pouring petrol over her.
The thousands of spectators, who filled the stands were also treated to entertainment by noted Indian singers and musicians, including Naresh Iyer, Sharanya Srinivas, Yumna Ajin, Siddharth Nagarajan and Navneeth Sunder, in an hour-long musical show that preceded the final.
Other conferences and seminars will also feature an extraordinary line-up of speakers, such as Kang Hye Jung, producer of Korean blockbuster "The Battleship Island"; David Kosse, executive producer of Oscar-winning films "The Theory of Everything" and "Room"; "Shuzo John Shiota", and executive animation producer of the "Transformers" series and "Ajin".
The latter also worked on the shows 'Knights of Sidonia', 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars', 'Ajin: Demi-Human', and the movie adaptation for the manga 'Blame!'