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AJKAAmerican JKA Karate Association
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Klebercz O, Mayes WM, Anton AD, Feigl V, Jarvis AP, Gruiz K (2012) Ecotoxicity of fluvial sediments downstream of the Ajka red mud spill, Hungary.
Caption: Figure 5: Study area (Ajka, Hungary), showing observed traffic flows on the transport network [27].
The last was the accident in KolontA r (9 victims, 120 injured, significant devastation and severe environmental damages caused by mud mass of about a million cubic meters slipping as a tsunami after the partial collapse of the tailing pond for disposal of waste products from bauxite processing at the aluminum plant in Ajka, VeszpA[c]m region in western Hungary).
Ajka Crystal, a factory in Hungary that makes crystal for more than 1,400 other companies and which had made the Faberge line, debuted the Romanov Collection, a bridal collection of seven patterns including several cased crystal lines.
The estimated 700 million liters (185 million gallons) of "red mud" poured from a broken reservoir at a chemical plant near the town of Ajka. The mud was a mixture of wastes from aluminum production, including iron oxide (which gave the spill its red hue) and toxic heavy metals like lead and cadmium.
Some 800 Kolontar residents were evacuated, many to a sports arena in the adjacent town of Ajka. Some 6,000 others in Devecser were ordered to prepare for evacuation at short notice in case the weakened walls of the chemical waste pool should release a second deadly torrent.
On October 4, an enormous chemical-filled reservoir maintained by an Alumina plant in Ajka, western Hungary, ruptured, inundating several villages with nearly 200 million gallons of toxic sludge.
Toxic red sludge flooded western Hungary, killing at least nine people and injuring 120 others after a reservoir burst at an alumina plant in Ajka. The spill, which released 180 million gallons of industrial waste, caused massive damage in nearby towns and villages and destroyed all life in the Marcal River.
Nine people died when up to 700,000 cubic metres (24.7m cu ft) of red sludge flooded from a burst reservoir at an alumina plant in Ajka, flooding the village of Kolont[sz]r and the town of Devecser.
Ajka, Hungary The toxic sludge that leaked into the Danube river from an aluminum plant in Ajka, Hungary, is not a threat to Hungary's tourist venues, a spokesman for the Tourism Councilor's Bureau of the Hungarian Embassy in Russia, told Interfax.
Toxic sludge leaking into the Danube from an aluminium factory in Ajka city of Hungary is flowing towards the Black Sea.
An industrial waste reservoir near the city of Ajka in Western Hungary leaked, on 4 October.