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AJKAAmerican JKA Karate Association
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The survey showed that current retail does not fulfil the needs of all customers, especially among mothers as well as young progressive people with higher requirements on food quality," said ajka, adding that for these clients the fairness of foods is of key importance and that they expect quality without compromises as well as transparent access to information about products.
Ajka, Hungary The toxic sludge that leaked into the Danube river from an aluminum plant in Ajka, Hungary, is not a threat to Hungary's tourist venues, a spokesman for the Tourism Councilor's Bureau of the Hungarian Embassy in Russia, told Interfax.
According to officials, a system of dykes have been built to prevent any further spills from the seeping residue reservoir at an aluminium plant in Ajka, western Hungary.
Toxic sludge leaking into the Danube from an aluminium factory in Ajka city of Hungary is flowing towards the Black Sea.
An industrial waste reservoir near the city of Ajka in Western Hungary leaked, on 4 October.
The red sludge f looded from a burst reservoir at an alumina plant in Ajka on Monday.
Travellers to Hungary should also be aware of toxic contamination in the area around Ajka because of aluminium waste spillage.
A major evacuation took place after the disaster on Monday, when a gigantic sludge reservoir burst its banks at a metals plant in Ajka, a town 100 miles southwest of Budapest, the capital.
Hundreds of people were evacuated after the disaster, when a gigantic sludge reservoir burst its banks at a metals plant in Ajka, a town 100 miles south-west of Budapest, the capital.
3 million cubic feet of red sludge that spilled from the reservoir at the Ajkai Timfoldgyar plant in Ajka, 100 miles from Budapest.
First, the basic and most productive derivational relations expressed by suffixes or, more precisely, the rules describing them were formulated and integrated into the Czech morphological analyser Ajka yielding its D-version.
Lo mas cercano en extension a toponimo es, en bribri, el lexema ka ajka (ka 'lugar', ajka 'nombre' en el dialecto del este del canton de Talamanca) o ka kie (kie 'nombre' en los otros dialectos) que traducire como geonimo y que abarca los nombres propios de localidades, esto es, porciones de la geografia terrestre, sean pueblos, caserios, fincas, llanos o montanas, pero no ningun tipo de elemento geografico acuatico como son los rios, quebradas, pozas y lagunas.