AJLAnugerah Juara Lagu (Malay: Champion of Songs Awards; music competition)
AJLAssociation of Jewish Libraries
AJLAustralasian Journal of Logic (University of Melbourne)
AJLAkta Jualan Langsung (Malay: Direct Sales Act)
AJLAcadémie Jacques Levinet (French martial arts school)
AJLAide aux Jeux de Lettres (French: Help for Word Games; software)
AJLArajuno Jungle Lodge (Quito, Ecuador)
AJLAmitiés Judéo-Lacaunaises (French Jewish culture group)
AJLAnimation Jeunesse Lustinoise (French; Belgian youth association)
AJLAssociation Judo Loisirs (French judo association)
AJLAnterior Junction Line (radiology)
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AJL They are a good source of zinc which is very important in male fertility, as it helps to produce healthy sperm.
The over 1,000 members of the AJL are involved in man-,
Cooper AJL, Nieves E, Rosenspire KC, Filc-De Ricco S, Gelbard AS, Brusilow SW.
Referring to Swamy's complaint the court said the transactions of the Congress with AJL via YI are not mere commercial transactions-- these transactions legitimately attract the allegations of cheating, fraud, breach of trust, misappropriation, etc.
Karl Greaney from AJL Debt Counselling Services Ltd, in Hoylake, said the amount of credit that was available today was "scary" and people who were financially vulnerable could find themselves out of their depth in debt all too easily.
But Sir Geoff, who launched a new tanking system for Marsh building firm AJL Developments, said it was tough on goalkeepers.
AJL chiefs fear the problem will continue until two further pitches at Breckside are completed as part of a Football Federationfinanced refurbishment.
The AJL published the defunct National Herald newspaper founded by the late Jawaharlal Nehru.
Steve O'Reilly, secretary of the AJL,is worried that if work begins in May then his league, which covers 55 teams from the Under 10 to Under 16 age range, will struggle to survive.
As per Swamy's complaint, AJL acquired a debt of ` 90 crore by the time it wrapped up in 2008.