AJNAmerican Journal of Nursing
AJNAustralian Jewish News (newspaper; est. 1895)
AJNAmerican Journal of Nephrology
AJNAteliers Jean Nouvel (French: Jean Nouvel Workshops; architect)
AJNAmerican Journal of Numismatics (coin collecting)
AJNAfrican Judicial Network (est. 2002)
AJNAssociation Jeunesse de la Noue (French: Youth Association of the Valley)
AJNAssociation des Joyeux Navigants (French: Association of Merry Navigators)
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The AJN Book of the Year Awards are a prestigious recognition that all authors and publishers strive for," said Barbara A.
Q: 6: Will AJN still be the official journal of ANA?
Napack, former president of the Manhattan-based AJN Realty Advisors, has joined RDP Brokerage as managing director.
Textbooks with a large market share and books on the 2002 Brandon-Hill list of books (Hill & Stickell, 2002) and AJN Book-of-the-Year lists were selected for review; efforts were made to use books from a variety of publishers.
Her uniform was copied from an AJN cover showing Florida nurses eating watermelon in the early 1920's.
Prior to her tenure at AJN, she was a professor and associate dean for graduate studies at Pace University School of Nursing.
The enforcement authorities are likely to be focusing on the original suppliers of the chemicals rather than those buying them and putting them in formulations," said Tony Newbould, former deputy director of the British Coatings Federation and now a consultant with AJN Solutions, Brentwood, Essex.
AJN Career Guide 2008--"Finding the Job That's Right for You" referenced the Beacon Award, including the standards of excellence categories.
To my surprise, the author told me that her original manuscript used gender-neutral language, but that the editors at AJN changed the text to include feminine gendered language.
Since 2002, subscriptions to AJN by non-ANA members have increased by 34%--an almost unheard-of feat in journal publishing these days.
Under the editorship of Ashley Browne and previously Dan Goldberg, the AJN has become not only a reporter of news, but also arguably a political player in itself.