AJNDAustralian Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics
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u: unemployment rate for adult claimants, from CSO Economic Trends Annual Supplement (BCJE) r: interest rate on three-month prime bank bills, from CSO Financial Statistics (AJND) cu: rate of capacity utilization in manufacturing, from European Economy Supplement B.
In studies where steel samples were immersed in seawater containing two species of blue-green algae ajnd one red alga native to the Sea of Bengal, mild (regular) steel corroded much faster than did stainless steel, "cold-rolled metals corroded much faster than hot-rolled samples," Das reports.
Under the former name (Australian Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics) the journal was most commonly cited in other scientific literature abbreviated as Aust J Nutr Diet, Austr J Nutr Dieteti, AJND. The first term was that recommended by the Dietitians Association of Australia, however not all journals adopt the same policy of abbreviation.