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this is the fixed root, assigned by AJOL according to CrossRef requirements;l followed by [v27i1] the volume and issue number (which changes each time); and finally, [1/2/3/4.
Our thanks to the editorial team who have made this advance in our journal possible: Lara Proud, June McDougall, Janet Viljoen and the AJOL team, particularly Kate Snow.
If we remove Sabinet from the findings, the OA publications are more accessible in commercial A&I services; however, the comparison of availability of the resources through Google Scholar does not reveal significant difference between DOAJ, Bioline, Sabinet and the AJOL sources.
I hypothesize that AJOL has a lower average number of A&I sources per journal because the purely OA sources are more easily accessible to commercial A&I companies.
As AJOL moves to more OA journals, it would be very useful to track whether their rate of coverage in commercial A&I resources increases.
Moving Africa away from the global knowledge periphery: A case study of AJOL.
There is also the possibility that some major abstracts like Chemical, Biological, LISA, and AJOL abstracts may be available in these libraries on CD-Rom or Online.
Campus-wide access to a large number of electronic information resources (EBSCOHOST, Blackwell, SpringerLink, Royal Society of Chemistry, AJOL, etc.