AJOTAmerican Journal of Occupational Therapy
AJOTAmerican Journal of Transportation (Quincy, MA)
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A weak impact factor may cause some researchers outside of the occupational therapy sphere to overlook AJOT and miss its important contributions to the literature of allied health.
The core identity of occupational therapy remains strong, rooted in a lively sense of its history and foundational philosophy, with the AJOT continuing to function as a leading force for contemporary research and practice in the field.
Table 1 Cited format types by source journal and total frequency Source journal total Cited format type AJOT OTJR OTHC No.
Six journals were rated high by respondents across most the quality indicators": AJOT, AOTJ, BJOT, CJOT, OTJR, and SJOT (p.
2015] > 100 articles were published were occupational therapy-specific journals, such as the AOTJ, CJOT, AJOT, or BJOT.
OTI, CJOT, AJOT, POPT, SJOT, AOTJ, and HKJOT), and finally the number of occupational therapy-specific journals has increased overall (e.
In a review of AJOT, BJOT, and AOTJ, Ziviani et al.