AJOTAmerican Journal of Occupational Therapy
AJOTAmerican Journal of Transportation (Quincy, MA)
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In the interest of continuity and comparability, citation data were drawn from the same source journals that Reed used: the American Journal of Occupational Therapy (AJOT); OTJR: Occupation, Participation & Health (formerly, the Occupational Therapy Journal of Research); and Occupational Therapy in Health Care (OTHC).
Initially, citation records from AJOT and OTHC were exported from the SCOPUS database [23] and records from OTJR were exported from CINAHL [24].
As shown in Table 1, AJOT was by far the most productive of the 3 source journals in terms of raw numbers, with 6,219 references cited by 213 articles, which translates to an average of 29.2 citations per article.
The first thing to note here is the dominance of the AJOT. Articles in the source journals cited AJOT 1,235 times over the 3-year period covered by the study, more than 6 times the number of references to the next most-cited journal, the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and a full 18% of all journal citations.
The most heavily referenced journal in the field of occupational therapy is clearly the AJOT. The dominance that AJOT exerts in the current study is corroborated not only by Reed's 1999 study, but also by the two earlier citation studies in 1992 [10] and 1986 [9].
At the same time, this study, when compared with Reed's, reveals that AJOT's dominance may be slipping somewhat.
Some suggested it should be set at a standard equal to the Australian Occupational Therapy Journal (AJOT), others indicated that NZJOT be used as a vehicle for emerging authors.
I thought you could keep up with reading, and keep up with your AJOTs, Journal of Occupational Therapy, you know.