AJPAAmerican Journal of Physical Anthropology (monthly publication; John Wiley and Sons)
AJPAAmerican Jewish Press Association
AJPAAustralian Journal of Public Administration
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Engaging in a similar endeavour, Althaus's (2015) article examines the topics of published articles within AJPA from 1970 to 2015.
First, in order to compare the subjects that have garnered the most scholarly attention in CPA and AJPA, the descriptive statistics in this article rely on both previous research data (Wake Carroll and Kpessa 2007; Althaus 2015), as well as a compilation of all the articles in CPA from 2008 to 2016.
Respondents were asked to rate their interest for the topics listed by Wake Carroll and Kpessa (2007) for 2001-2006 in CPA but also Althaus's (2015) for 2007-2014 in AJPA. We consolidated codes from overlapping themes in Wake Carroll and Kpessa (2007) and Althaus (2015).
(178) Competition Act [section] 44(2); AJPA [section] 22.
(180) Competiton Act [section] 44(2); see also AJPA [section][section] 31(1)-(2), 32(1).
The number of persons on a board as well as the number of editors associated with a journal varied had 20 or fewer board members tended to be based outside of the United States, such as AJPA, Canadia of Management Studies (JMS), Public Administration & Development (PAD), and Public Administration: A (PA:IQ).
AJPA's impact factor followed the international trend; CPA's has not.
This amounts to almost twice as much articles published in AJPA mentioning these articles compared to CPA's articles.
(28) However, indigenous issues have the clearly caught the attention of AJPA, with Dillon's indictment of the failure of Aboriginal heritage policy in Western Australian the first in a recent spate of articles on Aboriginal issues in that journal.
Public administration programs have long dominated Brazilian scholarship in public administration, political science has played the same role in Canada, while Australian public administration got an early start in political science, and has since seen a rich brew of scholars from management, economics, commerce, and public administration programs all contributing at least 5 percent of recent articles to AJPA. Canada has seen much pluralism among its top programs, while Australia and Brazil have long been dominated by the Australian National University and the Brazilian School of Public Administration, respectively.
The AJPA has by far the broadest scope of the three journals we sampled.
The majority of articles that included the word or concept of "famine" were published between 2011 and 2016: 53.6% of those published in AJPA, 77.8% of those in IJO, and 69.2% of those in JAS.