AJPAAmerican Journal of Physical Anthropology (monthly publication; John Wiley and Sons)
AJPAAmerican Jewish Press Association
AJPAAustralian Journal of Public Administration
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AJPA has been more strongly comparative than the other two, while CPA has recently engaged quantitative analysis.
AJPA was first published (as Public Administration, not to be confused with the British journal of the same name) in 1939.
Publications in AJPA 1970-95," Australian Journal of Public Administration 56, no.
The number of persons on a board as well as the number of editors associated with a journal varied had 20 or fewer board members tended to be based outside of the United States, such as AJPA, Canadia of Management Studies (JMS), Public Administration & Development (PAD), and Public Administration: A (PA:IQ).
Nearly one-third (9/28) of the AJPA articles used "famine" outside of these classifications, with such examples as relating famines to events that could affect immunological responses to infections and diseases, or as catastrophes that affected demographic mortality profiles.
The recent increase in research incorporating the term "famine" may reflect the development of new techniques relevant to bioarchaeological interests, particularly advances in genetic and stable isotope analysis; this trend is also noted by Stojanowski and Buikstra (2005) in their overview of AJPA research topics.
One article published in AJPA focused on stable isotopic analysis in pigs in a controlled environment to determine how growth rate factors are related to tissue isotopic fractionation (Warinner and Tuross 2010).