AJPMEAdvanced Joint Professional Military Education (Army)
AJPMEAmericans for a Just Peace in the Middle East (Santa Barbara, CA)
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AJPME is 40 weeks of blended learning: 37 weeks online and three weeks in residence at JFSC or a designated hosting site.
Since the 2003-2004 academic year, a total of 1,889 students have completed AJPME.
In addition to AJPME, the Joint Forces Staff College offers the Senior Enlisted Joint Professional Military Education program.
The quality argument may have been valid at one time, but is difficult to sustain in light of ongoing AJPME program improvements.
If Active Component officers attended AJPME and received full joint education credit, we might expect cost savings (if the low-residency AJPME was used in lieu of a 10-week residential course for selected AC members) and better acculturative outcomes through cross-component interaction.