AJPSAmerican Journal of Political Science
AJPSAfrican Journal of Paediatric Surgery
AJPSAsian Journal of Pentecostal Studies (Asia Pacific Theological Seminary publication)
AJPSAssociation Japan de la Presse Sportive (French: Japan Association of Sports Press)
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To test our other hypotheses, we analyzed data from a current (1991-92) sample (N = 323) of AJPS manuscript submissions.
A mark at the left-hand extreme (a score of "0") indicates that you definitely would not want to see the manuscript published in AJPS.
If you were forced to decide a simple |yes' or |no' with regard to publication of this manuscript in AJPS, how would you vote?
TABLE 1 Editorial Decision by Rating Sheet Vote,(*) AJPS Manuscripts, 1991-92 Rating Sheet Vote Decision Reject Accept Reject 89.