AJTCAdvanced Junior Training Camp
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According to official AJTC releases and statements, the Tercentenary theme to promote the contributions of American Jews to American society was inclusive, engaging the Jewish population in all of America.
Whereas the AJTC leadership spoke of Jewish gratitude and indebtedness to America for their rise in affluence and influence, Pusey, in his address at a celebration sponsored by the Jewish Community Council of Metropolitan Boston on December 26, 1954, reversed the Jewish apologia and declared that "America should be grateful to the Jews.
However, Baron, chairman of the AJTC Education Committee and a proponent of publication of American Jewish histories, concluded that "both writers have made excellent use of the available data, and presented intelligent, readable summaries which deserve wide circulation.
Zvi Lurie, a former American who lived in Israel and served as member of the Executive of the Jewish Agency, wrote "A Letter to the Tercentenary Committee," in which he questioned some of the decisions the AJTC made.
She was not alone in charging that the AJTC spent too much energy "proving that American Jewry belongs in America.
Despite their challenge to the AJTC, by the summer of 1954 there were as yet no signs of an alternate observance by the Jewish Labor committee.
BTC, whose major undertakings are the Crowne Plaza Hotel and the Bahrain Conference Centre, had in the past signed separate memoranda of understanding with GHG and AJTC to evaluate the feasibility of a merger or acquisition by one of them.
261 shares held in BTC, whereas AJTC is offering 230 fils in cash for each BTC share.
The AJTC offer of 230 fils per share is two fils more than BTC's closing share price and the former said it proposes to finance the acquisition equally through equity and bank credit facilities.
The issue of new shares in GHG or cash settlement by AJTC will be done by May 11.
Major shareholders holding more than 5pc of AJTC are Abdulaziz Qasim M Kanoo with 18.
AJTC said the acquisition would create a larger hotel group resulting in economies of scale including areas such as joint purchasing arrangements.