AJVAustin Junior Volleyball (Austin, TX)
AJVAir Jamaica Vacations
AJVAfognak Joint Venture (est. 1982; Alaska)
AJVAssociation des Jeunes Villersois (French youth fitness group)
AJVAutogenous Jugular Vein (anatomy)
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VUJE (Slovakia), AJV AeA3/4 (Czech Republic), LUT (Finland) and NSC KIPT (Ukraine) have extensive knowledge with regard to safety analysis, licensing and experience in working with the local authorities in their respective countries.
Annual Report (1907), 12-3; "The Jewish Review," BDE, May 7, 1909, AJV.
Minutes of Board of Directors, May 2, 1900, HES; Annual Report (1903), 13; (1904), 8-9; (1905), 9; (1906,) 43-45; (1908), 46, 51; "The Jewish Review," BDE, June 25, 1909, AJV.
Annual Report (1908), 47; (1909), 33; (1910), 16; "The Jewish Review," BDE, March 26, October 22, 1909, AJV.
AJV the full right to sublicense the technology and collect royalties
For its 25% share in the AJV, IBR will invest a proportionate share estimated at CAD$1.
Upon execution of the AJV agreement, the Master License Agreement covering Southeast Asia between IBR and Salcon, recently extended and announced September 25th, 2001, will be rescinded.
Eight of the 11 stations will be renovated by Kiewit-Delgado, AJV, as part of a $482 million rehabilitation made possible through federal and Illinois state funding.
Delcam will support the launch of the first five-axis machine produced by Ajax Machine Tools International, the AJV 700i 5X.
The debut of the five-axis equipment, a UK-built version of the AJV 700 VMC with a Heidenhain control, will be one of four machine tool launches at the Ajax Machine Tools International Open House to be staged at the company s headquarters in Lymington, Hants, between 15th and 17th October.
The founders of AJVS saw an opportunity when the United States began to enter the bottomfish industry.
Thorn Tasker, AJVS chairman, says, "The first joint venture trips did not even pay at all