AK2Aviation Storekeeper Second Class (Naval Rating)
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(pmol/ml) 2.10 2.99 4.56 7.36 Root length (cm) 0.44 1.40 2.68 3.80 AK2 IAA Conc.
All profiles are acidic except for topsoils of Pc2, Pc3, and Ak2, which are neutral possibly due to liming practiced in these areas.
Although we assayed mtDNA from five Alaskan (n = 5) and three British Columbian (n = 9) populations, among which only three (AK1, AK2, and BC1) contained Japanese haplotypes, Haglund et al.
Hereby we summarize dysfunction of three mitochondrial components described in the context of primary immunodeficiency not traditionally classified as primary mitochondrial disorders: adenylate kinase 2 (AK2), RNA component of mitochondrial RNA processing, endoribonuclease (RMRP), and TAZ genes (Table 1).
The CEC of the clay fraction of Ti1, Ak2, and Ptu (Oxisols) and Cpg and Sd (Ultisols) slightly increased after OM removal from the clay fraction.
Sample AK1, with a low X value, is from an Alaskan palaeosol equivalent to the peak of marine oxygen isotope (MOI) stage 3, while samples AK2 and AK3 are loess samples, with higher X, from the transition between MOI stages 5 and 6.
Flanked by CWO3 Paul Jones and LCDR Dave Cruz, those cutting the cake from left, are CAPT Rich O'Hanlon, TR's Commanding Officer; LTJG Jon Limbert, youngest Supply Corps officer; ENS Deborah Davis-Reid, newest Supply Corps officer; MSSA Dominique Womble, youngest member of the department; ENS Erik Robinson, newest Supply Corps officer; AK2 Arthur Brown, most seasoned member of the department, CDR Parke Guthner, oldest Supply Corps officer; and RADM Mark Fitzgerald, Commander Carrier Group 8/Commander Theodore Roosevelt Battle Group.