AK3Adenylate Kinase 3
AK3Aviation Storekeeper Third Class (Naval Rating)
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For samples Ci and Ak3, Al dissolved faster than Fe (60-80% of Al released), similar to the schematic dissolution lines (i) and (ii), whereas for sample Cpg, Cr dissolved faster than Fe, similar to the schematic dissolution curve (iii).
In the present study, the WSPP strain was the most frequently isolated strain, followed equally by the AK3 and WK/AK1 strains.
Goethite dominates over hematite in the soils under a udic soil moisture regime, except for Ak2 and Ak3 profiles where hematite is more abundant.
1998) and did not make a major contribution to the CEC of Ti2, Pc1, Ak1, and Ak3 (Oxisols) and Kk clay samples.
(%) Strain PVL-positive isolates ([dagger]) MLST type isolates 10 (29) USA300 ST8 9 (90) 9 (26) Queensland ST93 9 (100) clone 9 ([section]) (26) -- ST1 0 4 (12) Southwest ST30 4 (100) Pacific/WSPP/ Oceania clone 2 (6) AK3 ST5 0 No.
Sample AK1, with a low X value, is from an Alaskan palaeosol equivalent to the peak of marine oxygen isotope (MOI) stage 3, while samples AK2 and AK3 are loess samples, with higher X, from the transition between MOI stages 5 and 6.