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AK47Andrei Kirilenko (Basketball Player)
AK47Avtomat Kalashnikova 47 (automatic rifle)
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Images of two burka-clad women posing with AK47 assault rifles and of a building on fire, taken from a phone allegedly used by defendant Tareena Shakil (right)
The other man also held an AK47 but I do not recall if he had started to raise it towards me," Mr Kelly said in the statement.
In 1997, I went to Izhevsk for the 50th anniversary of the AK47, the rifle that brought him the acclaim he so richly deserves.
AcuSport also will offer a pistol version of the GSG 5 and a model based on the AK47 platform, also in .
A teenager has been caught on CCTV brandishing what appears to be an AK47 machine gun on a railway station platform.
A convicted robber who kept an AK47, a handgun and ammunition at his girlfriend's Birmingham home has been jailed for two years.
Our source claimed the LVF has just stashed away 100 AK47 assault rifles and a small number of handguns.
The Kalashnikov AK47 found yesterday was similar to the one uncovered at Uday Hussein's palace in Baghdad last week, according to a national newspaper.
The weapons used by the crew of a suspicious ship against a Japanese coast guard fleet Saturday may well have been AK47 semi-automatic rifles developed in the Soviet Union, which are used by the North Korean Army, coast guard sources said Wednesday.
The soldiers were able to recover nine high-powered firearms from the communist rebels: two AK47, two M653, and five M16 A1 rifles; one improvised explosive device; eight AK47, three M14, and one M16 magazines; and one rifle grenade.